In case you missed it

MMA is something. Most of the time, the person who should win a fight (on paper) actually wins the fight. But it’s the chaos we keep coming back for.

I am here for the chaos.

Speaking of which, why does RDA keep talking about a title shot? He’s not fighting for the title when he can’t even get past Colby Covington. Usman is getting his hand raised this weekend.

Sage is kinda sorta cut. Why? He’s not very exciting, but the Sage and Paige show was never about fighting skills, was it? And he liked marketing himself as an extremely muscular Ken doll. He’s always on social media in various action figure poses. And more recently, flexing on airplanes. I’ve only heard his voice once or twice.

Some people are still crying over Chuck’s body. You know, Rachael Ostovich got into a real violent altercation back at the house and she just got cleared to fight. That’s a little bit more disturbing to me than Chuck cashing a 250K pay check.

Dana White said nobody cared about those flyweights. He’s not wrong, but the problem was that DJ was boring. He even had a commercial with the also boring Sage/Ken doll. Dude. I actually like Henry Cejudo, and was rooting for him to beat DJ. I thought that win would help move the division to some exciting fights. But now who knows.

UFC Adelaide: Tuivasa, Hunt, Pedro, Craig, Reis, Kara-France.

TUF Finale: Usman. I want to see Antonina Shevchenko in a real fight, and I’m not sure if this will be much of a challenge, considering she’s hyped as being a Muay Thai champ.  And that’s all I care about from that card.


Tito finally beats Chuck

He beat Chuck when there was nothing at stake. No title, no ranking, no bragging rights. Come on, Chuck is near 50 and nowhere near the fighter he used to be.

Lots of folks are tweeting about how sad the whole thing was. Why is it sad? These guys fight for money and they know the risks.

I didn’t watch it – I wasn’t interested in seeing those two fight, and I watch everything! Tito keeps somewhat active these days, but Chuck just looked old in all the promotional pics. And he walks funny. He has always walked funny, but has he injured his hip or something? 50 is really not that old, why is he walking like a 75 year old?

Meanwhile, Anderson Silva is going to fight Israel Adesanya (what a great name). Those people crying over old Chuck better have the tissues ready.


Fun Night of Fights

#UFC Beijing: Fight Night 141

Jag got destroyed. Didn’t see that coming.

I fell asleep at some point after Jingliang’s fight and woke up to Alaistair Overeem getting the vaseline. Then he actually beat a guy. Didn’t see that coming either. He’s been knocked out so many times, I have a hard time watching him fight. But he won and celebrated like he beat a contender. Reminded me of when Pettis beat the Mama’s Boy. He thought that win meant something. Then they gave him Ferguson.

What can I say about The Leech! I love him, but I am wondering if he’s a dirty fighter. First he gouges eyes, now giving shots after the bell. In his defense, it was loud in there, so I can’t say he’s dirty dirty, but he’s got a little stank on them hands.

And then there’s Curtis Blaydes. I knew he was going to lose when he started talking about fighting Stipe, and his legacy. I don’t think Ngannou had a confidence problem. Yeah Stipe wrestled him to death, but he was scared of The Beast. He didn’t have any fear of Blaydes. At all. I think Blaydes has a bright future, but he has to learn to stay focused.