Fun Night of Fights

#UFC Beijing: Fight Night 141

Jag got destroyed. Didn’t see that coming.

I fell asleep at some point after Jingliang’s fight and woke up to Alaistair Overeem getting the vaseline. Then he actually beat a guy. Didn’t see that coming either. He’s been knocked out so many times, I have a hard time watching him fight. But he won and celebrated like he beat a contender. Reminded me of when Pettis beat the Mama’s Boy. He thought that win meant something. Then they gave him Ferguson.

What can I say about The Leech! I love him, but I am wondering if he’s a dirty fighter. First he gouges eyes, now giving shots after the bell. In his defense, it was loud in there, so I can’t say he’s dirty dirty, but he’s got a little stank on them hands.

And then there’s Curtis Blaydes. I knew he was going to lose when he started talking about fighting Stipe, and his legacy. I don’t think Ngannou had a confidence problem. Yeah Stipe wrestled him to death, but he was scared of The Beast. He didn’t have any fear of Blaydes. At all. I think Blaydes has a bright future, but he has to learn to stay focused.