Didn’t somebody say there are levels to this game?

There are levels, my friends.

I was rooting for all the Australians and they all lost. Mark Hunt, at one point, decided he’d just get his money and go home. That fight was only marginally better than Lewis v Ngannou. And he had nothing to say to his people after the fight. Very disappointed in Hunto tonight.

What is wrong with Tyson Pedro, losing to Shogun at this very late stage in his career? Shogun? Levels. Pedro will be back. They’ll give him Villante or Smilin’ Sam. Losing to Shogun  with all his mileage is unacceptable.

Tai Tuivasa got caught. The lights went out for a moment and JDS rained down some sloppy ground and pound. Tai protested at the stoppage, but he was done. No reason for a young guy to take so much damage. Get your shoey and go home.

JDS out here talking about fighting Overeem again. Or Cain.