When you lose to the #14 ranked fighter, your days of being a contender might be over. You fight to pay the bills now.

Strange humility on display last night. Was that humility or lost confidence? Seems JJ lost more than the belt in those battles with Rose. She’s still a contender, but certainly not at 125, and according to all the smart people, she was killing herself cutting to 115. So now what? With the intimidation factor gone, she’s become a former champ who the up-and-coming fighters want to knock off.

Dana wants Max at 155. I would like him to fight Frankie next then do whatever he wants. Hasn’t he cleaned out the division? And I don’t care about anyone being too big for any particular weight class – they all are. That’s part of the game. But will he be a contender at 155?

Val is going to be champ for a long time, or at least until her sister rises in the ranks. Women’s fly is not exciting at all. The weight class consists of a bunch of people from TUF and others who couldn’t break through at 135. Speaking of which, Val is still obsessed with Amanda, because she realizes she is the champ over a bunch of people from TUF and others…..

And yeah, my picks were trash, but good on my boy Santos for dealing with Manuwa. Manuwa is another who says he won’t fight a friend and teammate, Gus, who is indeed a contender. Why not go the DC route and take yourself out of the weight class if it bothers you so much? Because he can’t drop to 185 and he can’t go up to heavyweight? That’s everybody’s problem. Go train at Jackson Winks. I hear they have room for new people all the time.