Future of TUF

What’s the plan for TUF going forward? Are they keeping the same format? I hope not. I like the fights to get into the house and the whole tournament aspect of it. I don’t care for the pranks and house cleaning drama perpetuated by grown men.

Ok, some of it is funny.

Remember season 1 when Chris Leben was drunk and halfway passed out on the ground and Kosscheck and some other dude put the water hose on him? In that same season, Chuck  and Kosscheck forced some dude in the sauna and kept him in there by blocking the door.

Or like in season 5, the guys came back to the house after training and saw some writing on the wall (literally!) that told them to “suck it.” Suck what, enquired young Nathan, as he not so calmly removed his t-shirt. Good times.

What season was that when Rampage was coach and he kept calling one dude out for his uh, excess upper body fat?

There was a season when Roy Nelson was coaching. He made his team draw straws to determine the next fight. I hated that season. And who can forget the plaintive wail, “let me bang, bro.”

What about the season with Junie? They should probably screen for ridiculous alcoholics in the future.

Then there’s the season with Chael and Jon Jones. They paired a short dude and a tall dude and after a lot of crying, the short dude got a knee. KTFO

Also in that season, we met Uriah Hall. He terrorized everyone in the house, especially Bubba. He was so scared, he went to the doctor, thought his kidneys were shutting down. They were not.

And of  course, the season with Frankie and BJ.

That’s all I remember from TUF and they had about 30 seasons.