In case you missed it

Kevin Lee fights Al Iaquinta this weekend. Lee is a stud, but I got Al.

Askren/Lawler? Spoiler: We’re going to see Askren wrestle Robbie to death, get a decision win, then act like he’s the greatest fighter in the world, when we all know he’s not fighting Robbie in his prime. I’ve seen this show so many times, not sure if I’m ready for the rerun.

Want another spoiler? Adesanya is going to beat Anderson Silva, drop to his knees in front of him with the prayer hands, then… You know the rest.

Is Max the greatest featherweight of all time? Wasn’t Aldo champ for several years? This question is a little bit premature. The answer is no.

McDonald/Fitch? I had a flashback of Rory v Robbie when T-City was getting smashed by Max. The violent, non-surgical rearrangement of your face should end with a nice long rest, and Rory experienced another one of those in his fight with Gegard. Just rest, Rory. Become an engineer. An accountant. I don’t know, some sort of desk molesting position should be in his future because his nose can’t take it.

I think I saw on a Kung Fu movie that if you hit a person the right (or wrong) way on the nose, you can send a bone right up to his brain and kill him. I’m just saying.

Cain teases a return. What’s the point of the tease? If he can get his back fixed enough to last one round with Tuivasa or god forbid, JDSx4, then he can make some money. DC is retiring, so there’s no chance of them meeting in the Octagon. Why tease us? There’s probably a contract with UFC with a few fights left, so get some injections, some muscle relaxants or whatever and come make this money!

Alex Gustafsson says Jon Jones is insecure. Insecure is the wrong word here. Alex sees something, some unusual behavior being exhibited, but that might have more to do with the absence of injections and muscle relaxants.

GSP says he has no interest in a fight with Anderson Silva. However, if Silva manages to beat Adesanya and gets a title shot (lol) what will GSP have to say then? I imagine he’ll find a way to slide into the picture.

And finally, Dana punches down. He went in on Oscar and his Golden Boy MMA promotion. He even put Chuck’s money out there. It was an unnecessary, strong punch down, which made no sense. Funny though,  because MMA fans think fighters don’t get paid and they do. We only see disclosed figures. I don’t have any patience with the subset of fans who keep the night’s watch on fighters paychecks; I just like to watch fights. And with the number of kids these guys have, they travel, train, sometimes on Embedded you see the houses and cars, come on. Nobody’s starving. The young ones trying to make it might be sleeping on the gym floor, yes. But the rest are doing just fine.