The hurt business

This really is the Hurt Business. Kevin Lee, Dan Hooker, Sergio Pettis, Valerie Letourneau, and King Mo (among others) left their respective arenas quite hurt indeed.

Kevin Lee left with some real hurt feelings. It was a good fight. The 1st was competitive, he won (arguably, due to takedowns) the 2nd and 3rd. What won it for Al was that he closed the show with some thrilling standup in the last two rounds. Then he yelled in Lee’s face, pulling a TJ. He knocked the house down and everybody knew it. Bruce Buffer – rrrrrrrrrRaging Al Iaquinta! And the slow raise of Al’s arm. Beautiful.

Dan Hooker left with possibly a compromised liver, thanks to Barboza. I’m still not convinced. Yeah, he’s a good striker and has great kicks when he can land them, but he ain’t beating no wrestlers who can take him down and keep him down. Hooker’s decision to turn into the NZ Zombie (not the killing kind, just an undead, human punching bag) made Barboza look like Sugar Ray. Who, by the way was looking great at the Canelo fight.

Barboza just beat the #14, Lee lost to #8. They might be the new top 5 gatekeepers. Al is officially in the mix.

Is Sergio a contender at 135? I think he left with some hurt feelings too.

Letourneau had size over Ilima Lei, but her grappling was no bueno. She looked like one of those having their fighting debut. Also, I’m sure she wanted to join the group of  former UFC fighters who signed with Bellator and snatched some belts. Not tonight.

Should we even talk about King Mo? KTFO. Now he’s thinking about changing weight classes. Don’t do it.