2018 goes out with a punch

Another fight week is here for the UFC, and a lot of fans are disgusted by the latest chapter in the ongoing drama – these are the days of our lives.

I love watching fights; I’m a hardcore fan. But I can’t join the mob saying, you’re a scumbag, a bum, etc. There are some egregious cases, sure (Brock), but in the case with Jon, we’re talking about picograms of some substance. Pico?

Does the UFC understand their audience? They are not going to have any understanding of picograms of an illegal substance. And by understanding, I mean that they do not have any patience at all for positive test results, whether it’s a pico, mico, juko, or bamboozo. It’s all a sham to us.

So. Why was all that detail released to the public?  Required by Nevada? I thought there was a new rule in effect regarding positive tests not being released to the public? If the pico was not significant, the Commission and the drug czars should have had a conversation, then decided on a reasonable solution.

This doesn’t damage the brand, but there are lots of hurt feelings (and lost money). How to fix this? By putting on a great night of fights.

My picks:

Uriah Hall. He’s on Fightpass now?


Penn v Hall? I don’t care who wins; I just want to see that fight. Here’s an idea: several fighters are, if you believe Joe Rogan, high level Jiu-Jitsu practitioners. Very High Level. I want to see some of that in the Octagon. Pair up these phenoms more regularly.

Anderson v Cat? Cat is so herky jerky, should be a weird fight. Holly won by wrestling, and is def not a wrestler, so hopefully the Cat has taken notes.

Arlovski for kicks. I love him, but my dude is getting old. Just don’t let this youngster break your soft palate in half.

Condit better find his NBK with Chiesa. Sub please.

Cyborg has been beating up on bantamweights for quite some time, and we all should be tired of this gimmick. Clearly we are not, so here we go again. I’m rooting for Amanda. She can join DC, Whitaker, GSP and Connor (among others), as fighters who went up in weight and snatched a belt.

Jon v Gus? I was rooting for Jon before the latest controversy. Not because I’m a huge Jon Jones fan, but because I think he still has IT. That thing champs have. Desire, focus, ability, heart – and in the middle of all the distractions, does he still have it? I say yes. Jones will get a split. Then if we’re lucky he’ll go full Carnage on us and call out DC.