Great night for two champions

Amanda Nunes shocked the world and knocked out Cyborg. I’m watching the press conference and now I think she just created some drama. Dana wasn’t stoked about a rematch, and now Amanda is saying the same thing. Is Cyborg getting run out of the UFC? This is how it ended with DJ too. I’m afraid this is the end of the 145 division. Dana keeps teasing that they have some great stuff in store, maybe Cyborg will be the first Zuffa Boxing star?

Jon Jones is a legit villain. He is the villain of the UFC. Fantastic. What if his drug test comes back with more questionable results? I have a hard time feeling angry about this, or feeling any kind of way at all. They seem content to have him emerge as a very dark character in this show, and  I’m here for the chaos.

Besides, everyone meets the wall at some point.

Chiesa submitted Condit. Not prime Condit, but the one who is now fighting to keep the coffee shop open and feed the kids. There comes a time in a man’s life… Anyway, Chiesa is so happy he didn’t cut weight and would now like to chase a belt. I wonder if he has RDA’s phone number?

We heard from Gus, will Cyborg join the press conference? Yes, she just arrived.