UFC 232 post fight

Cyborg is up. She wants to know why they didn’t let her talk after the fight. Maybe because she was knocked out?

She has one fight left on the contract. I really doubt we see her fight in the Octagon again. This is a DJ rerun. She was a dominant champ with no competition. Tonight’s events just opened up some new possibilities for all the women at 135.

Now I’m waiting for Jon. Which one shows up, the sinner or the saint?

The saint. All glory to God for all these blessings and he lov-

The villain just showed up. Said Daniel was never the 205 champ, and certainly not the Champ Champ, and if he wants the belt he needs to come down and beat him.

He was tested by two agencies today. Passed polygraphs.

I don’t like or dislike Jones, but the truth is that this is a mental game as well as a physical game. He held it together despite all the distractions of the week, he is most definitely the champ. For how long, we don’t know.