The definitive P4P list:

1st – GSP, Daniel Cormier.

2nd – Amanda Nunes. Her next fight should be Holly Holm, and if she beats Holly, she moves up to tie for 1st place, as she has beaten all the women’s champs at 135 and 145.

3rd – Bones. The only things keeping him out of 1st are the fact that Cormier is the Champ Champ*, his wins over Cormier are tainted (just a little bit), and the series of failed tests put a question mark over the contests.

4th – Aldo, Anderson Silva. Longtime legendary champs at their respective weight classes.

The rest: in no particular order – Joanna, Woodley, Khabib, Ferguson, Weidman.

Chaos: Andrade wins the 115 strap, immediately goes up to challenge for the 125 belt and wins. And you know, she used to fight at 135.