DC should retire when he turns 40. He promised.

Give Nate a fight. Let him have his trilogy with Conor.

Amanda v Holly at either weightclass. Then Amanda v GdR at any weight.

Jones v Rockhold.

Colby  got screwed. Is there any point to interim  belts? Woodley better win.

About Woodley: He’s a very smart fighter. He adjusts depending on his opponent, and sometimes that leads to “boring” fights. I actually enjoyed his fight with Maia. That dude is legit on the ground, and everyone knew that if he took Woodley down it was over. Welp, my dude shut all that down and made Maia look like a beginner.

Till was supposedly good on the feet. He got shut down too.

Those Wonderboy  fights were terrible.

So now we have another dominant champ, lacking a huge personality, neck tattoos, and whatever else it takes to make Dana happy. The match against Usman is intended to neutralize his wrestling. He better win too, or else he’s going to go out like Cyborg and DJ.

And last, I’m worried about TJ at 125 because that is not a reasonable weight for an adult male. TJ is a somewhat small dude, but he still has to get on a specialized diet and  conditioning plan to lose 10 pounds. I hope it doesn’t affect his health, but he is young and healthy, so he should survive the cut. Good luck to him.