It’s hard out here

According to Anderson Silva, it’s hard to be an old fighter without chemical assistance. That is true, however, fighting really is a young man’s game. Actually, most sporting activities are for the young due to the reality of aging, which is why you won’t see a 40 year old woman competing in gymnastics, and you won’t see an old man at shortstop (in the outfield, running down a ball? Flashbacks, lol). In football, maybe. Just maybe on the off chance you are a rarity like Tom Brady will you see your 40s, playing at a High Level in the NFL. And Tom Brady is Very High Level.

He made a comment about stamina and recovery being helped by TRT. This is the argument against steroids, and why they promote an unfair advantage. These old men (Andy, Mir, Bigfoot, Chuck, Tito, Rampage…) have given their youth to the fighting game and apparently, still want to fight. They need to get back on the stuff and only fight each other. Oscar should look into this. I’ll bet all those old heads will be back for a payday.

Give them 6 months to get in shape. 40 and up? Let them fight!

Cain wants to fight Jon Jones, presumably at heavyweight, but if and only if Cormier does or does not – OK stop. I appreciate the bro love going on at AKA, but why are they always talking about Jones at heavyweight? And why is Cain weighing in on this? He should be focusing on Ngannou and how, after 3 years away, he is going to avoid getting knocked out. And now he wants Jones? There’s a whole line of legit HWs waiting to put hands on him, and he wants a LHW to move up to HW and fight him? Come on, man. I understand the Superfight mentality, but you’re taking the biscuit with this one. And the decision depends on what Daniel is doing? Can everybody please let Daniel retire already and worry about the people in your own division?

I’m still rooting for Cain against Ngannou. Khabib against anybody. And Luke? I’m still mad at him for getting put to sleep, complete with a goodnight kiss from Yoel. That was messed up. I want to see Luke at full strength fighting Jones.

It’s hard out here for a heel like Colby. He’s a fake heel, but he fought all the dudes they put in front of him, and even won the fake belt. But he didn’t get the title fight. Why? According to the Internet, it’s a whole bunch of stuff surrounding whether he was ready on a particular date, then he had surgery, at some point Woodley had surgery, Usman fought the same people Colby did…  It’s not interesting any more. I hope Woodley wins the fight, but I’m kinda ready for some new blood at WW. Not Usman, not Colby, not Tyron. Somebody new. And this is probably why they are going with Usman. Who will lose to Ponzinibbio.