Fight week is here

UFC is in Brooklyn this week, TJ v Cejudo. I’m all about the Champ Champ, but I don’t like this cut for TJ. He should have moved up for the superfight with Max. Losing 10 off a small, ripped frame seems risky as hell, but what do I know? This is grown man stuff, so I got TJ in this fight.

My boy Dennis Bermudez is stuntin‘ in NY (via Twitter) in some expensive car. I have no knowledge of cars, so no idea of the make and model. But if he’s rolling like this, please stop crying broke all the time. Fighters and fans love to cry about how broke these guys are, yet on Insta, Twitter, Embedded, we see the cars and houses, homie. Don’t be scurred. Women and children, body art, vacations in Thailand, and 15 motorcycles ain’t cheap either.

Oh no. Stipe wants to fight Cormier again. Please no. Sorry, I have no interest in mumbling Stipe. Cormier should fight one (or 2) more times: Brock, and regardless of the outcome of that (Brock will lose; he understands kayfabe), he should fight Jones next for all them LHW marbles. We gots to move on. Stipe can fight JDS or Cain for the vacant title.

Sadly, Klitschko is not coming back.

And last, Motel 6? Seriously? And who is going to be staying there? This might be a decision that’s all about money, because it’s not about branding. The UFC seems like it’s a luxury product these days. A fan has to sign up for cable TV and 3 streaming services to see these fights. Or is it 2? It’s confusing. You got the new owners (how many times do we have to hear about the $4 billion sale?), Dana ($$$ birthday parties?), and ESPN, the Worldwide Leader in Sports. And Motel 6 (let’s not forget, Dennis is stuntin’ and he ain’t even a champ champ). One of these things is not like the others…