What’s next?

Good fights on tap: Barboza v Gaethje, Pettis v Wonderboy.

Pettis and Wonderboy is a stupid funny matchup, and I am here for all that chaos. The chaos pick there is, of course, Pettis. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a KO or sub, a victory over Wonderboy will be something great to see. Pettis is obviously on the decline. He’s not chasing a belt anymore, and since he has a contract, might as well fight if he’s healthy. Wonderboy winning that fight is boring.

I’ll comment more on the LW and WW later. What about the Heavyweights?

I want to see Stipe fight again. He’s been on maternity leave long enough. No rematch with DC. Let’s see if he’s still legit. Some guys suffer a loss and lose their confidence along with the belt. Was his loss to DC a fluke? I don’t think so; DC is without peer at heavyweight.

Ngannou, Beast, Blaydes: They all have fights coming up. Good.

Cain, JDS, Overeem: Yes, yes, and yes.

Brock: No. I understand the $$ aspect of him v DC, but I don’t care for it. But wait a minute, I was entertained the night DC beat Stipe and Brock entered the cage. I was not expecting that scene at all! It was unexpected  pro wrestling shtick and I was entertained. Book it!

About the Contender alum: That’s a good show, but they did not have to stack a whole fight card with those people.