And still!

Father Time is undefeated and always will be, and that is the undisputed truth. You can try to wave him off for a bit, but he always comes for his belt.

A couple of days ago, Serena lost in the quarters of the Australian Open. She is 37 years old and made it to the quarters. That’s an accomplishment, but let’s take a look at some recent history.  She made it to the finals at Wimbledon and lost. Got to the finals of the US Open and lost spectacularly, with a meltdown that made Johnny Mac look like a Boy Scout. And now the failure in the quarterfinals.

Meanwhile, Tom Brady is heading back to the Super Bowl at 40. If Serena wants those last two titles, I would encourage her to hook up with Tom’s people for some TB Training, TB Performance meals, and a complete shakeup of her fight camp. She might need to leave TAM and find Bang. Well, as long as Bang doesn’t advise her to lose a ton of weight and arrive at the next Grand Slam at 115lbs.

She is 37 and relying on her physicality, which is slowly declining, to compete against 25 year olds. This is a losing battle. She needs a new camp.