You’re done

Some fighters just don’t get it. I mean, not at all. Stipe and Cyborg come to mind. Stipe should rematch with Francis, just so we can see exactly who is the number one contender. Then that guy can kick rocks until DC is ready to fight again.

Cyborg wants a new contract. I think she should fight Megan as her farewell fight, then move on to those green pastures of Rizin with her BFF Gabi (btw, I love Gabi). They can have a tag team jiu-jitsu /punch face tournament against whoever wants it. Middle of the night in Japan, book it. I’ll be asleep. Will watch the recaps online later and laugh.

GSP is retiring. Sad news. Whenever I feel depressed, I like to think about the night he took that belt from Bisping. Oh well. You know he’s not really retiring. I predict he will fight in 2019.

Anthony Smith is intrigued by Colby. Intrigued, worried, concerned, fascinated, obsessed? I don’t know, but he keeps talking about him and responding to nonsense on twitter. We all know Colby’s act is just that, an act. To get attention, to get a fight, to manufacture a fake beef for clicks. Like wrestling. It’s fake. Why does anyone give his antics serious consideration? I saw a headline, something like, “Rousey defends her belt…” Belt? For a fake fight? I know people enjoy this, but I ignore it. Similarly, Smith should ignore Colby and prepare for Jon Jones.

Cain. Wow. All that buildup for nothing. If you’re done, you’re done. No shame in that. Thanks for the memories.

And speaking of buildup and frustration, do I have to say anything about the botched mess that was Gastelum Vs that guy from New Zealand or Australia who keeps pounding himself on the chest and can’t stay out of the hospital and I am quite sick of him?

MMA really has me on the verge these days.

So anyway, Dustin Poirier wants a release. Is this the same dude that won a fight and during his post – fight interview, started yelling about how he needed to eat? Like his family is starving or something? I keep hearing how the economy is doing so well, record low unemployment and jobs everywhere. Sounds like somebody needs to be taking advantage. Dana should give him his release just for acting crazy and dropping out of the fight with Nate. And he’s not a needle mover.

And last, a rumor is out that Max will fight Tony Ferguson for the interim lightweight belt. UFC likes to play with our emotions. This fight won’t happen. And if it does, what are the odds one of them will fight Khabib? 0.

Zero. I’m done getting hyped up for these fights.

Besides, does Tony really want another interim belt? It means absolutely nothing. It doesn’t even mean that you are #1 contender. Well actually, that’s all it means. It means that on the meaningless rankings, somebody will place your name in the 1 spot.

Does the winner get the new belt? Of course! Remember the last rumor that the old belt cost the company $300K to manufacture? If that was true, they wouldn’t be giving them out like so much Halloween candy. And they would not have sent DJ 25 of them. UFC is not in the business of giving stuff away for free.

Truth: That new belt is big and pretty. I would believe a lie that this one is worth $300K.