That ain’t your money

Here’s an update of what I’ve been reading:

Rob Whitaker, from his hospital bed, is throwing shade at Kelvin and Adesanya. Stuff like, Adesanya is not that great, they’re fighting for Cejudo’s belt, etc. I would encourage him to get his large intestines in order before commenting further on possible fights. I’m going to need him to stay out of the hospital for a bit.

Till Vs Masvidal? The fight means nothing, but I love Masvidal. Unfortunately,  he is headed for veteran old head status, fighting for money alone. No shade, it’s just the way it is. Hopefully Mas can show Till some levels to this game.

Jeremy Stephens had suicidal thoughts after his loss to Aldo. Dang. That’s rough. Once again, no shade over here because if someone hit me so hard in the liver, and I folded up like so many lawn chairs, then got a couple of fists to the head, I would be in a very dark place too. I think this is what people mean when they a fighter has taken someone’s soul. It’s one thing to contemplate retirement, but suicide? Soul snatched. For sure.

Ben Askren said if Colby Covington never fights again no one would care. Not true. I would care very much. Colby beat RDA and Maia, then won the interim belt. I was looking forward to the unification fight between him and Woodley. I don’t care about Askren. At all. He could go back to ONE and I would lose no sleep. Like a baby. I will sleep.

Ferguson Vs Max? I told you. Poirier for interim belt? Because Tony rightfully turned it down. Lightweight is officially a mess. People are asking why Tony would turn this down, and outside of the money issue, the reason is clear: Holding an interim title means nothing. It can be stripped at will, depending on your status with the organization at that particular moment in time. It can be snatched in the blink of an eye if someone else has a better storyline. Sorry Colby.

UFC is an organization where you strike when the iron is hot and take opportunities when offered because you never know what’s going to happen. That’s how Bisping got his shot (I’m still salty), and it’s how Nate got his shot against Conor. That might be frustrating to fighters, but extremely exciting for fans. We can’t stop talking about the chaos.

And last, Adesanya says no PPV payout is money left on the table. It is. But that ain’t your money, my dude. The person who left that money on the table is the champ, who, at the moment, is not yet able to walk after inexplicably getting his intestines tangled in a knot on the day of the fight. That was his money. Gastelum should ask for that money due to his (and our) pain and suffering.