It’s just business

I saw an interview online with Eddie Alvarez. He’s talking about his new life with ONE and that’s he’s happy because the fighters come first. I guess somebody told him that, that the fighters come first. Is that how they got him to sign his contract by telling him, over here at ONE, the fighters come first?

That makes no sense. In business, the customer comes first. I don’t know any company out there that would have a mission statement placing their product above everything else, yet that is what Alvarez is saying. You have to satisfy the customer by putting a product out there that they want to buy. And it has to be a good product, of course.

How do you put the product first? How does a company invest money in its product and put the customer second? He said real fans will come. Maybe they will.

ONE has hired UFC vets Meisha Tate and Rich Franklin for front office stuff because they are well known in the MMA community. I’m sure they’re cool peeps and all, but I’m not tuning in to ONE for those two.

They got DJ. UFC couldn’t sell PPVs with that guy and he won 27 belts! 17? 14? Who cares, it’s a big number and nobody cared. And supposedly UFC shipped him 17 belts (300K each!) because he only had one – oh God, who cares. I’m not tuning in to ONE for that dude. And it looks like they are doing some downsizing in that weight class. Wonder why? Because the men’s 125ers were selling so many PPVs and they were tired of making money?

I think Cejudo wins in a rematch too. But I digress.

Fighters come first? The fans should come first. These organizations have to put on fights that we want to see. That we are willing to pay good money for. That’s why strange things happen in UFC, because there’s some marketing going on in the background. They try to make good matches to give us exciting fights and the OMG moments we can’t stop talking about.

Will we get the OMG with Woodley vs Colby? Probably not.

I might search for a clip of Eddie’s first fight in ONE. If it’s exciting, I might keep up with him, follow him on Twitter, find out when his next fight is scheduled. If not, well … it’s just business.