UFC 235 post fight

I was going to post something after the fights, but I fell asleep during the press conference.

About last night –

Cifers looked ok, but she needs to be aware of that other part of the sport: Interviews. It’s not okay to say you hate the media, or that you just want to fight, fans want to hear from you.

Diego Sanchez – I am not ready for his retirement, but I will purchase his anti-aging creams. Well, maybe not.

Jeremy Stephens – What happened? I was sure this would end early via KO. Zabit is legit.

Weili Zhang is top 10 for sure. There are some good fights to be made at straw weight.

Robbie vs Ben – That was Robbie’s fault. He came out strong in the fight against RDA too, then either due to injury or whatever he let off the gas. Same thing here. Looked like a KO for Rob, then he let Ben back into the fight. Once Ben got his back and then the neck it was almost a wrap and THEN – Robbie’s arm flops to the canvas. Rogan and crew say he’s out. I think he was out too. Here comes Herb with the arm test, and he’s saying something. Then he waves Ben off and surprise! Robbie’s awake! Chaos ensues for a moment.

But just for a moment, because Ben won it fair and square. That arm drop though. And he wasn’t very troubled about the loss. He said he’s not the type of guy to whine about stuff. Really? This is not about whining. It’s about you just lost a big chunk of money and took an L you didn’t need to. You had the guy TKO’d and all of a sudden he’s on your back. And you failed the arm test. Should have waved your arm around and emphatically given the thumbs up sign. That is, if you still wanted to win this fight and you wanted to let Herb know you were still in it.

I thought Ben would win, but this was disappointing. Rob was out. Briefly, but he was out. I don’t need to see a rematch of that. Robbie’s killer instinct is gone. Post champ life has changed him. I hope they go ahead with Ben vs Till or Masvidal.

Woodley – Welp, we got ourselves a new WW champ. I don’t want to see a rematch of that either. It will be five more rounds of wrestling and foot stomping.

Like Stipe, you should fight two or three more times to work yourself back to another title shot. But I digress.

Remember when Colby had the interim belt? Instead of all those surgery delays, which they both engaged in, Woodley should have signed to fight Colby. He would have won a boring fight and extended his champ status. But he, and everybody else was so into what Colby deserves, and blasting his cringe inducing WWE talk. Dana embraced the nonsense and took him to the White House for ffs. He was in pics with Trump and the belt and still couldn’t get a fight with Tyron! Why would Dana take a dude like Colby to the White House? To hype a fight with Tyron, Mr. Race Bait from Ferguson himself!

But for whatever reason, Tyron didn’t want to fight Colby. When Usman got put into the title picture, then he wanted to fight Colby. I think he knew Usman had the tools to beat him.

And finally, can we please stop it with the wrestling pedigree? Division 1, division 2, who cares. I don’t even want to hear about the Olympics anymore unless you won. Show me some gold or shut up about it. Hell, show me some silver. But do shut up. Cage fighting is quite a big step down from the Olympics, let’s get real.

Jon Jones – I was feeling a bit upset after seeing Woodley destroyed via wrestlemania. I thought this was TJ and Rose all over again, but thank God it wasn’t. The so-called Lionheart was more like a house cat at one point. All curled up, waiting for something. Terrible showing for him. At one point Rogan was asking, what can he do? I was like, throw some punches, this is a fight?

There was a point when Jon had Smith against the cage and elbowed him in the face.  Opened up a cut on the nose, which bothered Smith. I thought maybe it was broken. Then came the illegal strike and he’s sitting against the cage waiting for the refs and other important people to discuss the issues. Then he started blowing his nose. I thought about the advice not to blow one’s nose if it’s broken because of the swelling of the eyes and such. Thank God his nose was not broken. If it was, he would have been all swollen across the eyes and the important people would have stopped the fight because the eyes would have swollen shut. And New, curtesy of DQ.

There are only two more fights I want to see at LHW: Jones vs Marreta, then Walker. Jon is the very best. Walker has some growing up to do, so I think Jon gets that easily. Marreta is wild. They should do that one in Brazil.