Tiny lives matter too

More weight classes are needed in UFC – male and female.

I am not sure why some guys feel the need for a 165 weight class, that number just seems so arbitrary. If it’s being proposed in addition to the 155ers, it makes no sense. A new group isn’t needed, but a reorganization is probably in order.

135, 145 – Same. Appears to be working out for the guys, unless of course, someone is really tall for the weight class and just gaming the system.

160 – New lightweight. Should benefit those tall guys and those shorter guys who have extreme musculature. Both are too small for welterweight. Give them 5.

175 – New WW. This is good for others who are too big for a healthy 170 and are at risk of failing eyesight, fainting in the bathtub, falling down on the way to the scale, or even the rare occurrence of a hernia that just pops up on the way to the show. Five pounds would save a life.

185 – This is my favorite. Leave these guys alone.

The heavyweights need a reorg. 186-245 should be the new HW limits. Over 245 can be what, Superheavy?

And the women? I think it’s time for an Atomweight class in the big show. Anyone under 115 can come get some, especially those 63” tall and below. Waterson and Torres can compete for the vacant strap. And please make a mini belt for these ladies.