No fight

TJ pops and gives up. No fight, just some passive language about how something happened and here’s the belt. Just handed it over without a fight. Contaminated substance maybe? No one is really saying much beyond that. UFC isn’t either. I guess I’ll just find some GS cookies and forget all about TJ.

My man Luke is finally coming back, matched up with Blachowicz. It’s hard being a Rockhold fan these days. Some of these dudes fight so infrequently, and I know there are injuries to deal with among many other things, but really, it’s difficult. The less you see of a guy, the less you care. They fade from memory. And time out of the cage can’t be a good thing. So come back Luke. And Nate. And Yoel. And Shoeface. And Chris. And Jacare. Boo TJ. Where is Ponz? Li Jing Liang, with his dirty self? Super Boy? Bring back Moussasi.

Last comments about Masvidal: No, he shouldn’t have thrown up that 3 piece, but you know what? It’s those moments, those organic moments that are so much fun in UFC. Unscripted and real. Add to that the satisfaction of seeing someone get a 3 piece for talking unnecessary trash at the wrong time. The soda was a bonus.