Highs and lows

After last weekend, this fight night might be a letdown. How can you beat that KO and that 3 piece?

Life goes on.

Woodley wants McG. That doesn’t sound like a fair fight, does it? Why would Conor fight Woodley? What’s the point? Conor is a former lightweight champ and fights at 170 for fun. He doesn’t cut down to 170. Come on Tyron. Maybe he should focus on being a rapper. From what I’ve seen, they make a lot of money and don’t have to get hit in the face. He was in movies too. Why not focus on that? There has to be a life after fighting and at a certain age that has to be considered.

Darren Till said he’s going to come back stronger. Interesting idea. If you recall, Woodley elbowed him several times in the head before he gave up and d’arced him. Woodley said he couldn’t crack that hard head, but we know now that he did. Then Jorge went One Punch on him and sent him flying to the canvas.

Do you come back stronger from that? I don’t know.

Aldo is in the hospital. He better not have a hernia.

Chaos and Mayhem at 135. Is Dom Cruz going to slide in there and get a title shot? I hope so, but most likely it’s Moraes. And I kinda don’t care. Boo TJ.

UFC Nashville tomorrow and I haven’t gotten over the 3 piece with a soda. I hope Pettis or Wonderboy create another iconic moment and I feel sorry for all of them if they don’t. If nothing good happens, fans (I) will be so disappointed. God forbid another Wonderboy decision, or Pettis suffers another premature hand break.

Who am I fooling  –  Masvidal had the KO and quote of the year. It will take a lot to beat that.