And Pettis brought the chaos. In case you missed it, Wonderboy got KTFO’d via Superman punch, and went down almost exactly like Till did last week. He also looked twice as big as Pettis, but we learned from last week that size doesn’t matter when you’re a good striker.

It started out a little boring. So boring, DC and his commentary partner made a remark about the 3 piece with a soda. Because that was the most entertaining thing we’ve seen in quite some time, and it would take a lot for this fight night to live up to that.

Then came the punch and Wonderboy went flying.

Welterweight is officially back in business. Who’s next? Lots of good matchups in this division.

Usman v Colby

Askren v Ponz

Tyron v RDA

Masvidal gets next title shot

Edwards v Pettis

People are saying Pettis is back. The last time they said that, he choked out Chiesa and everybody celebrated like he just knocked off a top dude. Then he got Ferguson.

He’s got a lot of miles but I still want to see him fighting and winning. He can beat Edwards easily. Book it.