That’s what Conor wants, but is that a good idea? What happens if he is part owner of UFC and gets into another one of his scrapes with the law? Then what? That damages the brand. It’s one thing for fighters to be gangster, but not an owner. That would be a real cause for concern. And he will be a minority owner for sure, but his character is so outsized, he will insist on being the face of the organization. And they will let him.

Liability? What is at risk if he throws another dolly at a window? Whose deep pockets will get sued? What happens if he hurls racial and ethnic slurs at someone to hype his next fight? That is unseemly for an owner. When we watched the slurs against Khabib, Dana stood by laughing. Conor is a contractor, his words are his own. But as owner – welp.

What about the appearance of corruption? An owner is now stepping into the cage to fight? Who do you think wins that fight? I’ve heard of situations where fighters receive other bonuses after the fight (undisclosed). Will those bonuses be made available to those who lose to Conor to advance a storyline?

Dana needs to put on some Reebok gear and get in the game. He can fight as a HW. I would love to see him “KO” Ngannou, and then Overeem. Let him win a title then vacate like GSP did. I can foresee a lot of shenanigans like this if Conor is part owner and allowed to fight.

I don’t want to watch fake fights.

I don’t care if he’s made a part owner – he should not fight if he has a financial stake in the company.