Maybe it’s just me, but the Wonderboy fight last Saturday didn’t have a huge marketing impact. Not nearly as big as the Masvidal-Till fight. Mas scared the crap out of folks: Crowd was silent, Ben Askren snuck out of town. Ben was so dialed in to the idea that Till was going to win, that monstrous KO shut him down for several hours. He didn’t start his twitter talk until he was safely back at home. He’s talking now, but when Mas and Ali said he was quiet after the fight, he was.

Pettis? Well, as I said before, that was the chaos pick, and a win by Wonderboy really wouldn’t make a difference at all. Not in the rankings or with fans. No impact. But Pettis won and he is now ranked in the WW division. But does anyone think he won’t hit the wall sooner rather than later? I’m glad he won, but let’s just see.

Matchups matter. Wonderboy is a well liked character. So is Pettis. Till is somewhat of a villain. That’s why it was so satisfying seeing him lose. Fans watch to see favorites win, but also to see heels lose.

Two good guys went to battle and a good guy won. That’s nice. Not OMG, but nice. Very nice.

UFC needs to stop with these kinds of fights.