Bare Knuckle Fighting

There was No UFC event this weekend so I purchased the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship main card tonight. The main event was a banger. Artem Lobov v Jason Knight didn’t seem so great on paper, but once they started throwing it was lit in Mississippi.

Well, for about 3.5 rounds. They were both exhausted by the end, but Artem looked completely gassed. Hick Diaz was all busted up but kept coming forward trying to finish Artem, as he had just a little bit more left in the tank.

Unfortunately for the hometown boy, it was Artem via decision.

This sets up a bare knuckle fight between Artem and Paulie Malignaggi in June, and to hear it from Artem, he’s ready to take on everyone. He said before the fight he wanted to bang out a bunch of dudes.


But now that he’s done it, he’s got this experience in his back pocket now, does he really want to do this again? He’s Conor’s best friend and training partner. He could be traveling and enjoying shots of the Proper 12, visiting clubs, then the occasional touch butt session in the park. That’s nice. Why let a man beat your face into a pulp when you don’t have to? I’m sure he will post pics on social media tomorrow of his broken hands and black/blue face and call out Malignaggi again. Alright.

Jason Knight, I hope, is facing a nice long stint in the hospital. Half of his face looked broken and he was talking about celebrating later. Please. He will be knocked out from painkillers tonight. That is, if the docs are merciful.

Bare knuckle fighting is not for everyone. I admit, I only watched for Artem and Jason Knight, and I didn’t expect the sheer carnage of it all. It was something.

And if Artem fights Paulie in June, I will be watching.