TJ the snake

It’s a thing. He really is a snake. Was on EPO this whole time, was even trying to take Cejudo’s belt while under the influence.

The nerve of this guy.

So he lost, right? Got knocked down and TKO’d by Cejudo, then tried to argue that it was an early stoppage and it’s a shame that the ref would stop the fight and take this opportunity away from him. He worked so hard to make weight.

The gall.

Then there’s the testing fiasco. UFC has a testing czar, Jeff Novitzky, who knows all about cheating and the cheating cheaters who try to get a step ahead of the competition. In fact, he has experience with this very substance, EPO, from his days of messing around with Lance Armstrong’s gang of cheaters. And with all that experience, and all the remarks from TJ’s ex, Cody, they don’t step up their testing protocols for a strongly suspicious individual. Cody even tweeted a statement to TJ and named EPO specifically as the substance TJ was using.

Nothing happened. Crickets from Dana and Jeff.

Cody said TJ taught all of TAM how to use PEDs. The crickets got louder. Mendes got suspended for HGH.

EPO is at the top of the list of bad intentions, so why are they not testing everyone for everything? Too expensive, they say. Well, the PR hit is worse for business. The implication is that they don’t care about testing or the integrity of the sport. (LOL, of course not, they are still pursuing Brock Lesnar).

Internet folks are saying (not me this time) take away his money, his bonuses. Nope.  That money is spent and gone. Sunk. Dana needs to come out and say something. Turn the contests into NCs and let’s move on. He already turned in the belt.

And about all that snitching going on: Why do people think it’s Jon Jones? There’s a rumor that he cut some type of deal with USADA and/or Novitzky for a lesser suspension. He would have to inform on others. But how would Jon know what TJ is doing? Do fighters all communicate on group text, confiding in others about their PED use? I doubt it. Cody has been publicly sounding the alarm for a while, maybe somebody else from TAM had a conversation with Novitzky. Maybe the twitterers have inside info on Jones and TJ and their close relationship with each other. I don’t.