Champ life isn’t for everyone

I was rooting for Rose last weekend. I thought perhaps she studied some film and followed JJ’s blueprint for beating Andrade. And that’s what it looked like too, during the first round. But we all know what happened after that: She lost and turned into the new Rory, with the revelation that fight life ain’t for her.

Cage fighting is not a long term career plan for everyone. Some enjoy the rush of competition and want to win (Nunes, Shevchenko), some enjoy the lifestyle of fitness and martial arts training and teaching, then take the occasional fight (Kron). Some get into it for other reasons, and maybe Rose is in this group. She’s not happy fighting for a living and wants to do something else with her life.

I wish her all the best with whatever she plans to do in the future. Hopefully Dana will allow her some time off and a step down in competition if she ever returns. The cage is not the place for a reluctant fighter – this Champ stuff is too much for her.