UFC 239

UFC 239 was an incredible night of fights and the GOATs were in the building. To be honest, I only purchased the PPV because of Luke Rockhold and Jorge Masvidal. The dominance of Amanda Nunes and Jon Jones did not make their fights must see for me.

I was rooting for Thiago Santos, but as he busted his knee in the first round he was unlikely to win. He was unlikely to win even before the knee injury, but he was a game opponent. Subjectively, he could have had the points to win, but in title fights a challenger really has to impress to win the belt.

I was not rooting for Holly Holm – she’s lost all the title fights she’s been in except one, and she’s had around 5 after the Rousey fight. There was no reason to believe that all of a sudden she was going to either wrestle Amanda or beat her on the feet. And she’s 38 years old. No upset was in the cards.

I like Jones and Nunes, but had no desire to see those fights. I think Jon can be beaten; he’s sloppy at times and I think some of his recent wins are due to intimidation. Anthony Smith said no one can beat Jones in one attempt. Yes, because of the overwhelming emotions of being in a title fight, and then having to face a legendary fighter on the big stage. Your first shot is probably paralyzing. And you’re somewhat star struck.

But for now we have dominant champs and sometimes, watching dominant champs over and over again can get boring. And dominant champs who are not exciting are like watching a team run up the score. Champ who’s not a draw? Face the Pain.

Jon is not boring. He’s a colorful villain in this space. And he’s mean. One day a fighter will come along to beat him, but that day is not today. His mean streak and unpredictability make him a draw.

Amanda is not mean and unpredictable. She seems to be a perfectly nice person. I cheered with everyone else when she beat Ronda and Miesha. Ronda had already been beaten, but I kind of thought Miesha had a better chance of keeping the belt. Nope. She got her face busted up pretty good and handed it over. Her second fight with Valentina was competitive, then she went up to 145 and beat Cyborg. The women’s ranks are thin as it is, and Dana allowed half the women’s belts and weight classes to be tied up by one person. She has literally fought everyone.

What’s next for Amanda? I said before that this double champ thing is a bad idea, and that goes double for the women. She has wiped out the competition in two weight classes and I don’t care to see anymore of her fights. She has no competition. Fights are exciting when you think there’s a chance of an upset, but now that we’ve seen Amanda knock out Cyborg, the jig is up. For her next fight they’ll try to create some fake drama, fake beef, fake fire, hype a storyline, but I’m not buying it.