UFC 239 part II

Before tonight’s fights (around 45mins from now, lol), I want to finish my thoughts about last weekend.

What’s going to happen with Luke Rockhold? My dude is vulnerable to the knockout and his problems only seem to be getting worse. His run to the middleweight title was so impressive, I thought he was unstoppable. Then along came you-know-who and that was that. If at all possible, he should take care of his body and face and pursue modeling full time. He is way too pretty to let people punch him in the face for money.

What can I say about Jorge? He deserves everything coming his way. It feels good when a veteran fighter is getting some serious shine. This is very similar to when Nate choked out Conor.

People hate bullies. Worse, people hate condescending bullies, and that’s how Conor and Ben Askren come across. Remarks like someone is backward, can’t speak English, is dumb, are offensive. I know the remarks are said to hype a fight, but when a white man is on tv saying to someone who is not white – you are dumb and backward and don’t understand English – people are going to dance on your face when you get slept.

But I digress.

Congrats to Jorge Masvidal. What a fight! This is the third time he has given us something to talk about after the fight, which is really the ultimate fighter’s goal. You cannot buy this kind of publicity. It brings in new fans and he deserves several bonuses. The flying knee overshadowed the main and co-main in my opinion, as I didn’t care at all about the activities of Jon and Amanda. In the landscape of fighting and entertainment, I much prefer the Masvidal kind of chaotic entertainment.

Something else happened at the press conference. Dana was dragging a guy, a journalist (Revello?) who said Amanda Nunes is not marketable. Dana was quite hot. Some twitter folks interpreted the journalist’s remarks as a woman is only marketable if white and blond, such as Rousey and PVZ. I disagree.

Ronda Rousey was marketable because she was the first. She was a decorated judoka and the competition had not caught up to her yet. She was a true one trick pony with a bad attitude. You can market that until the pony gets caught.

Paige Van Zandt is young and cute and bubbly. The best things she did for herself was to go on the cooking show, Chopped, and take part in Dancing With the Stars. People who knew nothing about UFC were asking me about her. It allowed people outside of the fighting world to see her, hear her voice, connect with her. I recommend Waterson, Herig, Hill, Esparza, and especially, Valentina, to put themselves out there. Not just taking pictures in makeup and booty shots for Instagram. Go on one of these shows. Big Brother, Survivor, the Bachelorette (okay, a few are married). Do something to build yourself an audience and Dana will not be able to deny your star power.

The same goes for Amanda. However, I don’t think she cares about all this. I think she’s happy out here winning awards and cashing checks.

And now it’s 10mins to the fights.