UFC San Antonio post fight

Or, deep in the heart of Texas.

Leon Edwards showed his heart and talent in there with RDA. I’ve been telling you guys that Rafa is an elite gatekeeper and that Leon was going to leave with the win. I admit I was worried about him winning a decision, but he pieced up RDA so good he could not be denied.

Why did RDA take that fight? For quite some time on Twitter, Edwards was calling him out and RDA wanted no part of that (he has a history of ducking, see Ponz). Leon wouldn’t leave him alone then all of a sudden the fight is announced. Leon said RDA was forced to take the fight. Or, like Masvidal, was he promised a title shot if he won?

So now what? 2-3 more gatekeeping wars like that and our boy RDA will retire. He was #3 in the rankings behind the WW elite – Usman, Woodley, and Colby. He’ll be dropping a few places in the morning.


  1. How is Usman’s health? After his fight with Colby, does he take another contender or sit out until the others punch themselves out?
  2. Will Masvidal be “forced” to fight Edwards? At the moment, Jorge says no, he is waiting for the title shot.
  3.  When is Askren returning from the darklands? He ventured out once, but retreated again like the groundhog. When he’s back, will he get a rematch with Lawler or Masvidal? Till? He should get a chance to show off his skills.

Good things happening at WW.