Newark debrief

I didn’t watch any of the Colby-Usman post-fight stuff after UFC Newark, but I took a look at it today on demand. Then I realized, I’m not interested in the staged arguments, the “let’s do it right now!” kind of nonsense with “security” standing by. That’s a bit much for me. But congratulations to Colby Covington for getting the win over Robbie Lawler, who clearly, is not that guy anymore. But I repeat myself. Everyone was waiting for Robbie to throw a bomb, me too, but it never happened.

And to think, Tyron Woodley could have had that fight, but nooooooo! He didn’t want it!

Ok Jon Snow.

I hope Colby gets the title shot (nothing is a done deal in UFC) because he is working hard promoting himself. The walkout was epic, the Trumps were in the front row – it was too good. Even the haters have to admit it.