UFC 241

Fight week is here and UFC 241 has the rematch we’ve all been waiting for: Stipe is back and he wants his belt. I like DC, but I can’t imagine Stipe falling for the banana in the tailpipe again. I just can’t. I think he’ll win in dramatic fashion and DC retires in the cage. Then Jon taunts over Twitter, causing DC to unretire to fight him at 205. The buildup will be intense and they will fight. And DC retires again.

Everything is so dramatic these days.

Nate Diaz will beat Pettis, and my dude, Romero, will take out Costa. Is the youngster on Romero’s level? No. Not yet.

Yusuff vs Mowgli – I dislike rooting against the guys from TUF Latin America. I like them. However, it appears I am going against my own rule: Yusuff will KO Mowgli in the 2nd round.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Cejudo is an interesting guy. Since winning the bantamweight belt he has called out a diverse group of people. A group that now includes women. First Amanda now Valentina. He says he wants to be the “intergender” champ. Very interesting.

Remember back in the day, there was a guy named Colby who said Brazil is a dump? Then he put on the red hat and is currently the MAGA man of the UFC. He even arranged for the Trump boys to be in the front row at his fight. He is the reigning troll king of the organization and fighters and fans are triggered. We all know it’s an act, but people are still triggered. He was attacked for saying rude things about Matt Hughes, and got banned from some show with Miesha Tate. Apparently, he said rude things to her too.

But he didn’t challenge her to a fight. We’re supposed to laugh at Cejudo’s trolling because it’s obviously a joke, but why can’t everyone laugh with Colby?

But I digress.

I hope Dana gets Cejudo a fight soon. Inactivity due to his shoulder injury is driving him to these desperation callouts.