UFC 241 Post Fight

What a show! These fights can be very emotional, and you realize who you were rooting for (or against) when it’s all over. At the end of the show, all that mattered to me was the Diaz win.

But let’s go back a bit.

Yoel vs Costa: I really thought Yoel had one more left in him, but it appears 42 is not the new 30. It is 42, and a muscle bound 42 is still 42, no matter how much sauce. We’re in a new era, boi.

DC lost the belt to Stipe. He said he was ready, but for some reason did not adjust once Stipe started attacking the body. It was shocking. I keep hearing constantly about his world class wrestling skills, why didn’t he wrestle?

Oh well. Call it overconfidence with his standup skills or fatigue or whatever. I really didn’t think Stipe was going to be fooled twice by DC. A little while ago he had two belts – Light heavy and heavy. Now he’s got none. Let’s move on now.

A quick detour

Conor McGregor has lost the plot completely. He has no business inside a pub, pouring up shots of whiskey. Hire some marketing/sales people to do that.

He’s a success story in fight world, but outside of luxury purchases, seems he has no idea what to do with it all. He could allow a trusted family member or business partner to run the liquor business and the clothing line. All he has to do is maintain a positive, marketable public image to hold it all together. But no, he wants to slap old men in a pub in the middle of the day.

Ridiculous turn of events.

Will he fight again? Yes. There’s room on the roster for all sorts. If you bring enough eyes you will fight. Somewhere.

And last, the one and only Nate Diaz beat Anthony Pettis after a 3 year absence. I was calling him Petty on Twitter because he was trying to find motivation for this fight by regurgitating some very mild beef between himself and the Diaz brothers from 5 years ago.

Let it go and stop being petty. Stay in the present.

After the win, Nate called out Jorge Masvidal, who looked very happy indeed. I don’t care who wins that fight; Jorge and Nate are veterans of the sport, beloved by hard core fans, and they are having a moment. Good for them. We are in a new era.