UFC Copenhagen

I am so jealous. I wish my job took me to China, Mexico City and Copenhagen, Denmark. Oh well. Living vicariously.

The octagon is in Copenhagen today and we are blessed with an early start time for the fights.

My picks? All heart.

Brandon Davis vs Giga Chikadze. Brandon

Macy Chiasson vs Lina Lansberg – Macy is one of those fighters who the commentators will say, “she looks huge for the weight class.” Because she’s a 145er fighting at 135. I’m going with Lina.

Diakiese vs Vannata – This should be a banger. I got Diakiese.

Cowboy Oliveira





Enjoy the fights!


UFC Mexico Post Fight

Even with the disappointing ending, it turned out to be a fun night of fights down south.

My picks were all heart: Teco, Polo, Hill, Sergio, Craig and Sarj. Esparza and Yair.

As it turned out, Teco, Angela Hill and Sergio looked great. Paul Craig won via sub – but of course. And Betche beat Sarj, which was a bit shocking. Didn’t see that coming. My girl Carla Esparza won a very close fight and caught all the boos from the crowd. It was intense. Reportedly, fans poured beer on her on the way out. Horrible.

Unfortunately, the main event with Yair and Stephens was over in 15 seconds due to an unintentional eye poke. Poor Herb Dean went above and beyond trying to get Stephens to continue while monitoring the clock.

To no avail. The fight was over and Stephens was pelted with trash on the way out. Embarrassing for this Mexico City crowd.

So that was that, but can I have a word about Betche? She is an odd bird, isn’t she? Very benign in this space, and quirky and inscrutable to boot. I picked against her (what happened to you, Sarj?), but it is fun to see her win. She’s not chasing a belt, just fighting to pay the bills. And that’s okay.

Hoping all the fighters and crew get out of there safely.


Vancouver Debrief

Was it good for you? Outside of the clown show, it was great for me. All of my picks came through except one. Yes, that one.

Did you see Pereira flipping all over the octagon? I had to watch it twice to fully appreciate it. The first time was stressful – I was afraid some of his nonsense would connect and KO his opponent. Sometimes flipping, flying and spinning moves work and then we’d have yet another guy missing weight and winning the fight.

The second viewing was purely for the comedic value.

Let me say this: I don’t mind flipping and spinning if you connect with some strikes. I’m paying to watch a fight.

The silliness even extended to his cornermen. Apparently, they had a choreographed dance prepared for the walk. That was cringe.

Again, I’m not against dancing and clowning. Remember the fight between Cowboy Oliveira and Mike Perry? That was some A+ quality dancing and clowning and we loved it. But when it was time to fight, they fought.

So what’s the takeaway? We will probably see this clown again. And he says he is not changing his ways. However, I wonder if he has missed his calling, as there is an entire genre that involves fighting and acrobatic moves.


UFC Vancouver

Back to normal hours now with Fight Night Vancouver. I admit I was tired, but very excited to stay up all night watching the show from China. There was a community of people online, all of us enjoying the show together.

UFC: Bringing people together.

So we’re back to normal with some strategic fights.

Circunov is still working his way up the rankings.

Uriah Hall and Carlos Antonio Junior are two of my favorites. They both need a win as one of them could find himself out of the top 15.

Glover Teixeira vs Nikita Krylov is an interesting fight. Glover is sitting at #9, still getting decent wins despite the looming presence of Father Time. The old man is putting on his shoes.

Michel Pereira is back. Remember him? He’s the huge welterweight from Brazil with the spinning and flipping attacks. He’s fighting the unranked Sergey Khandozhko. Sorry, I just want to see his gymnastics again. Hoping for a fun one.

Then there’s Cowboy and Justin Gaethje. The original BMF vs The Highlight.

My picks


Hall vs Shoeface: Both unpredictable. Junior on the ground, Hall on the feet. Flip a coin (Hall).

Glover. I’m not picking against him as he’s one of the fighters I really like. He’s got a great attitude. And I know Father Time is putting on his shoes, but he’s not in the car yet. He hasn’t even left the house. Glover by sub.



Enjoy the fights.


242 Post Fight

Congrats to Khabib, still undefeated. I was rooting for Dustin, really thought he had something figured out about Khabib’s ground game. He had not. Oh well.

I said before that experiencing these fights is very emotional. I don’t know any of these guys, I don’t have any hatred towards any one person, and I don’t place bets, so I have no financial interest in the proceedings.

But there are emotions after the fight.

Frankie Edgar broke my heart, standing there after the fight with his son. And as the only remaining fan of Luke Rockhold, it bothers me watching him get brutally knocked out by subpar competition.

Dustin’s loss didn’t bother me. He’ll be back, fighting one of the usual suspects at 155: Ferguson, Gaethje, Conor, Cowboy, etc. He’s not getting another title shot until something wild happens at the top.

And then there’s Felder, who is becoming as annoying as Michael Bisping. He’s in that weird, favored position with the company that makes him uncomfortable to watch and hard to root for. He’s taken care of. And he’ll probably get a title shot soon. Believe you me.

Ok, so I’m inconsistent. I’m a person not a robot so it’s allowed. Dom Cruz is also in that favored position with the company and I love him. Same with Cody Garbrandt and his neck tats. Dislike him and his tats very strongly. But Andre Fili – nothing but love. Can’t wait for his next fight.

The rest of the card was great. Safe travels to all.


UFC 242

Finally! How long has it been since Dustin won that interim belt? Seems like years. And then there was the fallout to Khabib vs Conor, remember that? Good times. Did anyone ever report on the other half of Khabib’s money? Did the Nevada commission keep it?

Anyway – the octagon is in Abu Dhabi for UFC 242 and I can’t wait for fight night morning.

In the red corner: We have the undefeated Khabib, who has been saying worrying things to the media: He’s not going to fight much longer, and asking for a fight with the retired GSP. Is he ready to cash in and peace out on us?

I understand why a fighter might want to get the money fight. The window of opportunity for making big money is small and championship reigns can be short. But sometimes there is a price to pay when a fighter is so confident, they start mentally preparing for the next one before they even start cutting weight for the current one.

Surely he is more disciplined than that.

Khabib is a beast.

He wrestled a bear.

He is undefeated.

In the blue corner: Dustin Poirier, the interim champ, is a sizeable underdog in this fight. If I were a betting person I’d put a lot of money on Dustin; he’s about to shock the world. He will be too much for Khabib and it will look easy. This ain’t going to the championship rounds.

And New.

My picks: Poirier, Makhachev, Blaydes, Taisumov.

Enjoy the fights!


Morning in Shenzhen

It didn’t take much to convince me to watch UFC Shenzhen in the early hours of the morning – I’m usually awake when 3am hits anyway. And I didn’t post any picks because to be honest, I only cared about Weili Zhang and Li Jingliang, and they delivered.

I absolutely love Jingliang, the most extra fighter on the roster. Sometimes he wins and whispers through his post-fight interview. This time, he went all China Power! on us and had the crowd (and the translator!) fired up.

He’s always fun.

Then came Zhang, demolishing the champ in less than a minute. The Pile Driver got Steamrolled, and I, much like the translator, was fired up at 6am!

How is anyone expected to sleep after that?

At the moment, I am rewatching these two fights. Can’t get enough of The Leech.