UFC 242

Finally! How long has it been since Dustin won that interim belt? Seems like years. And then there was the fallout to Khabib vs Conor, remember that? Good times. Did anyone ever report on the other half of Khabib’s money? Did the Nevada commission keep it?

Anyway – the octagon is in Abu Dhabi for UFC 242 and I can’t wait for fight night morning.

In the red corner: We have the undefeated Khabib, who has been saying worrying things to the media: He’s not going to fight much longer, and asking for a fight with the retired GSP. Is he ready to cash in and peace out on us?

I understand why a fighter might want to get the money fight. The window of opportunity for making big money is small and championship reigns can be short. But sometimes there is a price to pay when a fighter is so confident, they start mentally preparing for the next one before they even start cutting weight for the current one.

Surely he is more disciplined than that.

Khabib is a beast.

He wrestled a bear.

He is undefeated.

In the blue corner: Dustin Poirier, the interim champ, is a sizeable underdog in this fight. If I were a betting person I’d put a lot of money on Dustin; he’s about to shock the world. He will be too much for Khabib and it will look easy. This ain’t going to the championship rounds.

And New.

My picks: Poirier, Makhachev, Blaydes, Taisumov.

Enjoy the fights!