242 Post Fight

Congrats to Khabib, still undefeated. I was rooting for Dustin, really thought he had something figured out about Khabib’s ground game. He had not. Oh well.

I said before that experiencing these fights is very emotional. I don’t know any of these guys, I don’t have any hatred towards any one person, and I don’t place bets, so I have no financial interest in the proceedings.

But there are emotions after the fight.

Frankie Edgar broke my heart, standing there after the fight with his son. And as the only remaining fan of Luke Rockhold, it bothers me watching him get brutally knocked out by subpar competition.

Dustin’s loss didn’t bother me. He’ll be back, fighting one of the usual suspects at 155: Ferguson, Gaethje, Conor, Cowboy, etc. He’s not getting another title shot until something wild happens at the top.

And then there’s Felder, who is becoming as annoying as Michael Bisping. He’s in that weird, favored position with the company that makes him uncomfortable to watch and hard to root for. He’s taken care of. And he’ll probably get a title shot soon. Believe you me.

Ok, so I’m inconsistent. I’m a person not a robot so it’s allowed. Dom Cruz is also in that favored position with the company and I love him. Same with Cody Garbrandt and his neck tats. Dislike him and his tats very strongly. But Andre Fili – nothing but love. Can’t wait for his next fight.

The rest of the card was great. Safe travels to all.