Vancouver Debrief

Was it good for you? Outside of the clown show, it was great for me. All of my picks came through except one. Yes, that one.

Did you see Pereira flipping all over the octagon? I had to watch it twice to fully appreciate it. The first time was stressful – I was afraid some of his nonsense would connect and KO his opponent. Sometimes flipping, flying and spinning moves work and then we’d have yet another guy missing weight and winning the fight.

The second viewing was purely for the comedic value.

Let me say this: I don’t mind flipping and spinning if you connect with some strikes. I’m paying to watch a fight.

The silliness even extended to his cornermen. Apparently, they had a choreographed dance prepared for the walk. That was cringe.

Again, I’m not against dancing and clowning. Remember the fight between Cowboy Oliveira and Mike Perry? That was some A+ quality dancing and clowning and we loved it. But when it was time to fight, they fought.

So what’s the takeaway? We will probably see this clown again. And he says he is not changing his ways. However, I wonder if he has missed his calling, as there is an entire genre that involves fighting and acrobatic moves.