UFC Mexico Post Fight

Even with the disappointing ending, it turned out to be a fun night of fights down south.

My picks were all heart: Teco, Polo, Hill, Sergio, Craig and Sarj. Esparza and Yair.

As it turned out, Teco, Angela Hill and Sergio looked great. Paul Craig won via sub – but of course. And Betche beat Sarj, which was a bit shocking. Didn’t see that coming. My girl Carla Esparza won a very close fight and caught all the boos from the crowd. It was intense. Reportedly, fans poured beer on her on the way out. Horrible.

Unfortunately, the main event with Yair and Stephens was over in 15 seconds due to an unintentional eye poke. Poor Herb Dean went above and beyond trying to get Stephens to continue while monitoring the clock.

To no avail. The fight was over and Stephens was pelted with trash on the way out. Embarrassing for this Mexico City crowd.

So that was that, but can I have a word about Betche? She is an odd bird, isn’t she? Very benign in this space, and quirky and inscrutable to boot. I picked against her (what happened to you, Sarj?), but it is fun to see her win. She’s not chasing a belt, just fighting to pay the bills. And that’s okay.

Hoping all the fighters and crew get out of there safely.