So here we are, stuck inside for another week due to the pandemic. They say we’re safe at home, but at some point we have to leave the house.

Meanwhile, our beloved sports have postponed, cancelled and/or suspended their seasons. What are we supposed to do?

NHL and NBA are shut down. MLB is on hold. The Premier League has us in suspense (will they or won’t they?). And the fight game? Smaller orgs already made the decision to end all competitions, but not the UFC. Our Dana pushed forward until The Man stepped in.

It is a bit odd that The Men basically watched while Dana was planning fights and buying islands in plain view. The only secret was the location of UFC 249. He never revealed it as there was no reason for anyone to know. There was no ticket buying, no fans in attendance, so why was everyone demanding to know the location? Dana said he was not giving up that information because “creepy people” would start making phone calls. I think he was right. The creepy people (who really seem to pick and choose what type of information is newsworthy) found out the location and all of a sudden —

Politicians got involved! A senator and a governor even weighed in. On a UFC fight! Unbelievable.

The good news is that we still get to see Khabib vs Tony at some point in the future.

The bad news? We’re still stuck at home.