Sideline Reporters Going Off & The Return of the Greatest

It’s been a minute since I blogged about the UFC. If you’re following me on Twitter you know why – I was so caught up in the end of the Premier League season I couldn’t see straight. Congrats to Liverpool for winning it all; the title was never in question.

And then there’s the corona virus restrictions, which are sucking the life out of me. I used to enjoy watching all the fights, and I mean ALL, from the early prelims until the very end. Then the pressers. Not anymore. I manage to tune in to the main card now, the early fights are just background noise. Let’s hope this malaise ends soon, I have to be ready for the return of Luke Rockhold.

I don’t care what the haters say, Rockhold is the best 185er the UFC has ever seen. Period. Take my money.

Some interesting things happened while I was away. Henry Cejudo retired to sell houses. Crazy, right? Whatever.

Alexander Volk keeps winning. Right? They gave Max an immediate rematch (or as I like to call it, a do-over, or a Joey B special) and it seems the first win was not a fluke. Fans on Twitter called it a robbery, but the facts remain: You only stay on top for so long, as the competition will catch up.

FYI: The featherweight GOAT is Jose Aldo.

Should we talk about the Joey B Special? Let’s not.

What about the sideline reporters or commentators or employees or whatever they’re called? How ridiculous was that scene? So disappointing to see because I love Dan Hardy. He was so wild in the moment, he radicalized Felder. They were both yelling out for the fight to be stopped while the guy’s corner said nothing. Thanks to Dana for putting a stop to that mess, because although we all care about fighter safety, UFC employees trying to influence referees and judges in real time (or any time) is not a good look.

An aside: I tweeted an article today, something about how Gaethje is going to put a “zone of death” around Khabib. That’s some extreme language, considering Khabib’s father just died.

Sad news: Tai Tuivasa just got released. Hopefully he moves on Bellator and I will try to summon the energy to watch. No more shooeys.

And last: The Return of the King. There are lots of good matchups for Luke when he returns. I suggest a rematch with Chris Weidman, then on to Brunson, and finally Rob.

Take all my money.