White-knuckling it in 2020

So our girl, Paige (PVZ to the fam) has decided to be a bare knuckle brawler. Alright then. Get that bag? To be honest, I really don’t understand her reasoning. A fighter should want to be involved with the UFC because they are the biggest combat organization in the US and their fighters get lots of attention. So why, when she was getting all that attention, did she throw that bit of shade – you know, how  she actually makes more money “sitting at home posting pictures on Instagram” than she does fighting.

Why do that? Why say anything publicly about your side hustles at all? She wasn’t the best fighter on the roster, but so what? She was in good company with a whole bunch of people with average skills. Where she differentiates herself is with her large social following, crossover appeal, she is well spoken, and very pretty. No scandals follow her and she seems to be a nice person.

Back when she was on DWTS, someone asked me about her. They knew I was a fight fan and wanted to know if she was any good. People liked her. I thought she was heading off to host a reality show like Fear Factor or Big Brother. Maybe some sporty commenting somewhere? No, she left DWTS and went back to cagefighting.

What’s wrong with fighting once or twice a year for 40/40, in a safe division like 125, be one of the revolving fighters who sit at the desk, all the while collecting a big bag on Insta? I’d smile all day.

But she has something to prove. Good luck to her.

Meanwhile, the corona virus is destroying everything in its path, including our sporting events. But not the US Open! Most of the stars have dropped out except Serena. And Naomi Osaka is also planning to compete. If those two are on opposite sides of the draw. . .