UFC 252 Post Fight

The top 3 fights were nice. No chaos, just Father Time catching up to some, levels revealed to others.

Let’s start with Chito. Marlon “Chito” Vera is one of my boys from TUF LATAM and I don’t root against them. I was worried though; I allowed UFC’s image machine to play with my emotions. Had me questioning the hype. But like a wise man once said, “don’t believe the hype, it’s a sequel,” this was Frankie vs Yair all over again. The day is coming for Sean O’Malley, but not on this night. What happened? Either Chito checked a kick, or it was his kick that injured O’Malley. He went down and Chito jumped on top. I immediately got flashbacks from O’Malley vs Soukhamthath, but Chito was ready. Elbows ended O’Malley’s night in the first round. Good thing he sold so much merch recently, he might be out for a bit.

You know, speaking of Andre Soukhamthath, if he had just a little bit of fight IQ, that hype train would have derailed a while ago. I blame him.

Exit Questions: Does frequent marijuana smoking affect the bones? Does he have a wonky right foot?

Rozenstruik vs JDS – Junior Dos Santos is the last of the Brazilian heavyweight contenders. When he retires it really will be the end of an era. We like him, but Father Time is coming for his belt, Junior. Young lions won’t be denied for long.

And speaking of Father Time, Stipe is 38. Young lions won’t be denied for long.

Stipe vs DC – I said a while ago that DC should have retired at 40 like he promised. For a few reasons:

  • He was holding two belts.
  • He can’t beat Jones.
  • There was a possibility for a fake fight with Brock ($$$$).

Why didn’t he take the fake fight money and run? Because for some reason he thought, as a world class wrestler, he had emerged as some kind of striking prodigy at 40. I called it for Stipe during the first rematch, thinking he wasn’t going to fall for the banana in the tailpipe again. I was right. He was even more prepared for it in the trilogy.

DC, losing on the feet, was also on the receiving end of a nasty eye poke. He said his foot was a balloon he couldn’t see. Usually those are words that stop a fight, but not on this night. And even if the fight was stopped, DC would have said he wanted to continue. They all do. That they don’t want the fight to end like this, etc. You know the boilerplate.

Congratulations to Stipe. This was a thrilling trilogy, and I was rooting for DC to go out on top. In heavyweight fights anything can happen and Daniel was in it until the end. Hopefully his eye is not permanently damaged and I look forward to seeing him at the desk in the future. Congratulations to Stipe.

What I learned from UFC 252:

  • You got to know when to hold ’em… You know he’s coming back for Jon Jones.
  • Chito is still my boy!
  • Francis Ngannou will be champ for a long time.