Lost Interest

Once Manchester United lost in the Europa League, I realized I don’t care about the Europa League. Rashford, Greenwood and Martial need to prepare for the upcoming season anyway.

PSG (Neymar and Mbappe) are still in the Champions League. So is Lyon (Memphis). If these teams get knocked out, I might find that I won’t care about Champions League until next year.

There is something about Messi I don’t like. Don’t ask me what it is because I don’t know. I watched Barcelona’s match against Bayern 3 times and enjoyed every one. If/when Bayern beats Lyon I might shed tears. I hope not.

I thought you only write about MMA?

Jon Jones has vacated the LHW Belt. In my opinion, he’s hitting a wall at 205. His last few fights were Ws, but not the usual JJ domination. We argue now about who really won and that’s not good. Give Jon credit for knowing his limitations and understanding these young lions. Light Heavy is going to be boring for a while without the bad guy.

If he’s set for cash, he can fight once or twice at HW to cement his villain reputation, then call up the WWE for some of that kayfabe money. Here’s hoping he gains enough weight to really make it interesting.