Still in the Game

I watched tonight’s Fight Night to see Frankie Edgar. Frankie, the former lightweight champ, former featherweight title contender, has dropped to bantamweight. As of right now (Round 3, 35 seconds remaining), Frankie’s looking pretty good. Looking strong, looking sharp, not depleted. To be fair, he is a small guy – maybe this is the right weight class for him.

But on the other hand, he and Pedro Munhoz seem evenly matched. I thought Munhoz would have an easy night here, especially fighting a 38 year old who just dropped a weight class. That’s not usually a great sign.

Munhoz is not having an easy night. He’s ranked #5 and currently being extended to the 4th round.

I love Frankie Edgar, by the way. 4th round over. On to the 5th.

Commentators and some Twitter peeps say 3-1 Munhoz. I say 3-1 Edgar.

Come on Frankie…

This is a straight up fist fight. Not much wrestling going on. 1 minute left.

Oh, Frankie’s leg is a mess. He doesn’t look like he has much left in the tank.

The decision? Yes! He gets the split!

I was worried in that last minute. I won’t lie. But he pulled out a win. He’s still in the game.

Great fight!