Last night’s co-main and main event were shocking. For months I’ve been telling everyone that Robbie Lawler is no longer the fighter he used to be. For months! Woodley took his belt; Askren grabbed what was left of his soul. If we’re lucky, this ridiculous fight with Magny will convince those in his inner circle (or Dana!) to urge him to retire. He has nothing else to prove.

But let’s talk about Neil Magny’s part in all this: He was playing. For parts of the fight he was playing in there. Several times he had Robbie’s neck and the commentators (you know how I feel about them) were like, now he’s gonna get the D’arce. Nope. He just kept playing.

He had several opportunities to get a choke but never finished it. Robbie’s listlessness made Magny look like a world beater. He is not. Remember back when he was doing really well? He rose to – I think #7 in the rankings. Then he failed a drugs test and was suspended for a bit. Now he’s back waving the Haitian flag. A guy on Twitter said, “I didn’t know he was Haitian.”

Me either.

So he beats Sad Robbie and said he wants a top 10 opponent now. I swear, in the last round of that nonsense he threw 4-5 fake jabs.

Sometimes UFC fights give me a good laugh. The main event was even funnier.

A very, very, very chiseled Alexsandar Rakic took on Anthony Smith.

Anthony Smith, the one who got a title shot against Jon Jones and lost. Rolled up in a ball for long sections of the fight, making the sideline cheerleaders wonder, “what can he do?” Take this L, that’s what.

After that he fought a crackhead in his garage. Another L.

Then came along one of my favorites, Glover Texeira. Glover, at his advanced age, beat the brakes off Smith. So brutal, at one point the referee was picking up Smith’s teeth. Savage.

So now here we are at the Main Event of the Evening. Can Smith come back from those losses? No sir. He almost got leg kick TKO’d if Rakic had any sense. For long stretches of this fight he was rolled up in a ball again, unable to do much of anything. To make matters worse, the 10 second clapper sounded and Rakic started celebrating. Today, Smith says he’s going back to Middleweight.

Which is probably for the best.

News: Jessica Andrade is moving up to fly. Why? Maybe she’s spending the quarantine sitting around eating and can’t make 115 at the moment. I’d like to see her stay at Flyweight and get a shot against Valentina.

Summer is almost over!