Fight Day vs Fight Night?

I think I prefer these early fights, but today the powers-that-be were messing with us. Manchester United, Chelsea FC and Liverpool FC were on at the same time as the fights.

But we endured during this difficult time.

Liverpool won their match, while United vs Chelsea was a bit boring. Then it ended in a draw. A draw. Bruno didn’t take any penalty shots and the Twitter favorite, Harry Maguire, thought he was in an MMA fight at one point, wrestling a guy on the pitch. Took his back and everything. That’s exciting in a fight, but not so much in footy.

They spent a lot of money at Chelsea – really should be playing better than that.

On to the main card, Jared Cannonier looked like a rookie out there with Whittaker. Good for Bobby, he’s had a bunch of health and personal problems lately, maybe he’s ready for that rematch with Adesanya.

And then there’s Khabib. As real as it gets. He’s so scary, other fighters are scared to trash talk him. Not a peep out of his opponents. They don’t want any part of Khabib’s righteous anger. None. After the Conor fight, everyone was put on notice: don’t start none, won’t be none. Actually, folks got put on notice after Gamebred’s 3-piece and soda combo. That shut some people up, too. Walking around backstage talking trash can be precarious as well.

But anyway, Gaethje’s performance was worse than Poirier’s, and he’s supposed to be a wrestler! What happened?*

Afterwards, Khabib retired and from a personal aspect I don’t blame him at all. As a fan it’s sad. Now we have to watch while all the guys who froze up against Khabib jockey for the vacant title shot. That’s going to be so sad and ridiculous watching them trash talk each other when we all know who the King is.

But we go on.

Congratulations and good luck to Khabib. He should be P4P #1 and on top of any GOAT lists.** Retired undefeated, Khabib is the LW GOAT.


* I think we know what happened.

**Dan Cormier would be at the top of the GOAT lists if he had listened to me and retired when he held the LHW and HW belts.