Fan Source Media

FSM is a social media channel that focuses on fashion, sports and music. As a sports fan who loves streetwear as well as couture fashion — I noticed how closely related they are to one another which inspired me to start experimenting with sound creation so I could create my own unique sounds for videos online about these topics. And it’s been busy, but a lot of fun working on this project. This is just the beginning though because there truly will be no limits or boundaries set by myself when creating what comes out of Fan Source Media!

245 Music is my artist name. It alludes to the fact that I’m a part of this community online and we are wide awake at 2:45 in the morning watching sports and listening to music. We don’t sleep.

Coming soon are two new releases: Entangled and Night Shift.

Click these links for more about the Entangled EP and also about the Night Shift EP.

Entangled is currently Live on iTunes.

The day the album goes live, it’ll automatically be added to the Spotify library of anyone who pre-saves it. Please give me some feedback on Twitter, YouTube, or right here on the website.

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